At Freshdesign Winfy, Software system prototyping help to understand customer requirement and align it on future product scope. It contributes to refining functionality, detecting potential issues and setting right priorities.

Discover unforeseen obstacles and refine UI, UX issues at the earliest stage of your Product design and development. Our cutting edge software prototyping services provides you a blueprint of the ultimate product with a perfect sense of functional designations, UI, interface, etc. It just not avails you investments like time & money; rather attain much control and clarification over the product in the brainstorming session, present it in front of your investors, company stakeholders and development team to carry out a detail discussion and make refinements.

Our Deliverables

Sketches or Static Prototypes

We develop static prototypes (sketches) for a cost-effective and time-saving method to the development team to avoid future misunderstanding and misconceptions. We build a static model that sketch out foremost functionality features and stick around on core interdependencies between sultry functional components.

Clickable Wireframes

We create wireframes or functional prototypes. Clickable wireframes help to verify functionalities and system behavior under different user scenarios. Wireframes allow you to:

  • Demonstrate application behavior
  • Showcase business scenarios
  • Multiple user roles & behavioral changes
  • Simulate workflow & data processing


We help you create a detailed Product specification considering all the possible contingencies and the fundamentals to be incorporated. Our profound experience in this domain guarantees exceptional Product Specification service. This ensures the prospective product work in alignment to the preset business logic and expected outcomes.

Design Interface

Our creative team will provide you a complete preview of your UI/UX elements. This will serve as a blueprint for the prospective solution.